You and I poems – Những bài thơ em và tôi


Đêm Giáng sinh an lành
Ông già Noen gõ cửa
Chuông ngân nga mười hai giờ đêm
Đông tàn xuân đã đến !

Sáng mai
Em dây đi làm sớm
Trời còn se lạnh
Đừng quên giữ ấm nghe em.

Lời nhắn yêu thương
Niềm vui đầy đặn
Thung dung cuộc đời
Mùa xuân quê hương.



A Christmas Eve in well- being
Christmas father knocks at the door
The bell resounds at 12p.m
The Winter ends, The Spring is coming!

In the morning
You go to work early
It becomes rather cold.
Don’t forget to keep warm, dear.

A lovely message
A fulfilled happiness
An easy life
The Spring in our country.


Blessed to have an Angelic Friend‏

by mehak. on June 16, 2010

Have you ever found a friend that just touches you deep inside
You feel a special bond that you simply cannot hide
You give them a piece of your heart, a view of what you are
Sometimes they live close to you, sometimes they live too far.

It really doesn’t matter, you were friends from the start
Soon you realize their memory is a piece of your heart
You feel like they’re an angel, placed here just for you
You are always amazed at the sweet things that they do.

You don’t have to see them or talk to them every day
To know that God has sent them in His own special way
How else could you explain, this friendship and deep love
It must be an angel, sent from heaven above.

How can you love someone you’ve never really seen
The question you may ask, Is this just a dream?
Soon you realize, your feelings are quite sincere
Your friendship will continue year after year.

Funny when you talk you both seem to disagree
I think you’re the angel and you think it is me
When you really look at it, you have to smile and say
The touching of our souls has taken place again today.

Tonight as I said my prayers, I prayed for my friend
I could not hardly wait until we talked once again
For God showed me the answer, it was really quite simple
A soul never sees a face, it would not recognize a dimple.

The feeling of love one feels for another friend
The feeling of wanting to be with each other again
Is the inner joy, that God places there
The love one feels on top of heaven’s stairs.

So if you are lucky and you have found such a friend
Remember it is God, who lives deep within
It is God’s wishes, to one day look to see
Angels Hugging Angels, perhaps it’s you and me.

Source : You are The Special One