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Gardening Daily Tips June 30
Thursday June 30, 2011

Maple, Japanese (Acer palmatum)

Today’s Featured Plant
Maple, Japanese (Acer palmatum)

Read the full profile of this plant at ArcaMax.com.

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Q&A: Birds Eating My Tomatoes

Question: How can I keep the birds from eating my red tomatoes. I have netting around the plants and the birds are still finding ways to get them. I’ve tried adding a bird bath etc. please help!

Answer: Hungry birds will find food in lots of places, even if there’s nothing around that might especially attract them. They obviously love tomatoes! About the only solution is to erect a teepee out of stakes and drape birdnetting over the stakes to make a barrier between the ripening fruits and the birds. I use 3 stakes, equally spaced around the outside of the plant and then secure the tops of the stakes so it makes a teepee shape. Drape birdnetting over the stakes and secure the opening with clothespins. This gives you easy access to the plants but keeps the birds out. Hope you have a great harvest.

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Q&A: Ridding Yard of Moles

Question: Something is tunneling all over my new garden. I’d like to know if it’s moles or voles, and how to get rid of them.

Answer: Moles create characteristic mounds and tunnels that rise above the soil level; voles have trails through tall grass, but have been known to use mole tunnels to feed on roots and bulbs. It sounds like you have moles at work. There are many ways to try to get rid of moles. Moles feed on grubs and earthworms living in your lawn or garden. The damage they do is to plant roots while they are tunneling. Your first consideration should be to control the grub population in your lawn. You can purchase beneficial nematodes to control the grubs. These are microscopic organisms that you spread on the lawn. They infect and kill grubs but are safe for animals and people. Another tactic is to flush the mole tunnels with water (best done in the spring), or protect your garden by burying a fencing of tightly woven hardware cloth. Finally, moles hate the smell of castor oil beans, and you can purchase repellents containing castor oil. (The beans themselves are poisonous.)

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Q&A: Trimming Sweet Basil

Question: My sweet basil plants are about 10 to 15 inches tall–no flowers yet. Can I cut off the top of the stems to make the plants bushy, or do I have to wait for the first flower?

Answer: Actually, it is best to keep basil from flowering because, as an annual, once the plant flowers and sets seed it will go into decline.

Usually gardeners encourage bushiness by a process called pinching. They begin literally pinching off or trimming off the growing tip(s) of the branches when the plants are quite small. (You can eat the pinchings!) They repeat this several times until the plants are as bushy as desired.

When the plants become quite dense, some gardeners simply trim or shear them regularly and use the shearings in cooking. Other gardeners will cut off a larger proportion of the plant for harvest, especially if they plan to dry or freeze a quantity of basil all at one time. These more drastic harvests can be done just a few times a season as they are stressful on the plants and eventually the plants just “wear out”. In either case, the trimming prevents the plant from flowering and it regrows in order to try to flower.

Since your plants are already quite tall, I would suggest cutting them back by about a third. This will give you a nice harvest and allow you to begin pinching as it grows back. When you do this, be sure the plant receives adequate water and nutrients to regenerate itself. Enjoy your basil!

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Tip: Make Bounteous Bouquets

Flowers fresh from your garden are one of the great rewards of gardening. Plus, while picking the flowers you get to enjoy the garden itself and check up on how plants are doing. It’s best to pick flowers early in the morning. Take a bucket of water with you to the garden. Use a sharp scissors or pruning shears and immediately put cut stems into the water. Once indoors, create both large and small bouquets to place around the house. Check water daily and add as necessary.

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Tip: Plant Okra

Heat-loving okra seeds germinate easily and grow quickly in warm soil. The plants will continue producing until frost, as long as they are harvested regularly.

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